Veritas weddings – one moment, in the light


Once again, it is my pleasure to document a Veritas wedding with stunning light.  Kate and Nick had decided months before their wedding that they would see each other for the first time by themselves to simply enjoy each other privately. Craig kindly took Nick down to the far end of the vineyard and they waited for us to make our way down.  When we were ready, I called Craig and asked him to make sure Nick was facing west.  Kate made her way down in a golf cart, protecting her stunning dress.  We approached Nick and set up the moment to see each other for the first time and didn’t stop there.  Veritas quite often blesses us with and this day was no exception as we had the warm light we anticipated late that afternoon.  I love photographing couples with backlighting – it adds such a wonderful feel to the image and allows us to showcase the saturated light by controling our cameras exposure manually.  This image was taken a few moments after Nick and Kate saw each other for the first time and it is one of my many favorites from the evening.  The way the light passes through the vineyard and the long shadows add another dimension to this photograph that was extremely pleasing.


Rob Garland is the owner of Rob Garland Photographers, a company which specializes in photojournalism and fine art printing. Rob prides himself on a classic, intuitive, heartfelt documentation with the utmost in visual integrity. He has documented many destination weddings throughout the U.S. and abroad as well as Charlottesville weddings at many of our outstanding local venues. Rob loves imagery that fails to go in and out of style and personal touches that make each wedding unique.