One moment – courtesy of the Bresslers

A photograph has two equally important steps, taking the photograph and printing the photograph. The great Ansel Adams states, “The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance.” As an amateur musician and a professional photographer, I can totally relate. Someone can write a great piece of music and when performed, it can take on many forms. Common sense tells us that it takes great music and a great performer to come together and make a masterpiece. Photography certainly has an analogous relationship to music. In an era where, thanks to digital, people are taking more photographs than ever, it becomes even more important to take time with one image and master the print. From this point forward, I will study at each wedding, family session, music event…..or whatever I happen to stumble upon and blog just one image. I will take the time to bring to you what film and the darkroom brought to me…..the ability to “perform” in regards to the print.

I decided to choose my friends Katie and Bernly for the first image in this series. They allowed me to have the pleasure of spending time with them and their 15 month old child, Hayden. We explored downtown Richmond, Virginia and had a fabulous afternoon. I had the opportunity to document their wedding a few years ago and they have remained friends and allowed us to document Hayden’s growth on a few different occasions. We had been entertaining Hayden by blowing bubbles to keep his attention, while his parents relaxed in the background. Hayden did not disappoint.


Rob Garland is the owner of Rob Garland Photographers, a company which specializes in photojournalism and fine art printing. Rob prides himself on a classic, intuitive, heartfelt documentation with the utmost in visual integrity. Rob has documented many destination weddings throughout the U.S. and abroad as well as Charlottesville weddings at many of our outstanding local venues. Rob loves imagery that fails to go in and out of style and personal touches that make each wedding unique.