Rob Garland featured on website of master printer

Legendary darkroom printer Robert Cavalli and I were speaking on the phone one day and he kindly asked to use one of my many B.B. King images on his website.  Of course I was thrilled.  Robert Cavalli has achieved great success as a printer and is one of the top fine art master printers in the industry.  His Beverly Hills and Los Angeles photographer clientele bring him film to process that have included the weddings and/or personal events of Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Applegate, Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, Hilary Swank, etc.  I was very honored that he asked to use my work on his site as I am one of the few east coast photographers that have silver halide prints included in his client portfolio.  You may view his complete site with my image (3rd thumbnail on the right) by clicking on the following link: Robert Cavalli – client work – Gallery 2