One moment – pit stop

There are times when you are documenting a wedding day that you know exactly what you are going to blog before you press the shutter release on your camera.  Amanda, the bridesmaids, and parents were riding in our limo from Keswick Hall to the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond, Virginia when her nephew quickly spoke up.  He had to go…!  At this point, I knew we were in for a great photograph.

The one hour trip from Keswick to Richmond can be a long ride when your bladder is relatively small.  We asked the bus driver to pull over at the next exit and my cameras were as ready as they could be.  I knew before I got outside that this was going to be a blog post.  What was also funny to me is that Amanda, the bride, looked my way and motioned to me by moving her hands like she was clicking a camera, wanting me to take the photo.  Needless to say, my gears were turning long before.  This was going to be a unique moment that I am certainly not presented with each week and I certainly took advantage of the opportunity.  Amanda’s father carefully helped with the situation while I  moved out of the limo and behind the ring bearer.  The compositional elements in this photo that I liked include the line of the guard rail that leads your eye to the subjects, the gentle consoling touch of the little boy’s uncle, and…..without a doubt……the wet guardrail.

This photograph represents what I love about my career and what I want to continue to show to our blog followers.  There are certain aspects of a wedding that, without a doubt, you must photograph.  With that said, it is the wonderful “behind the scenes” moments that few people see that are just as important and quite frequently, some of the most memorable selections from the event.  Out of the four hundred fifty guests that were in attendance for the nuptials, there were only twenty people in the limo that were able to see this moment unfold.  It is my job to bring the complete story to everyone.  There will be more to come.