one moment – on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall

An engagement session is a great time for a couple to have a set of photographs that can differ greatly from the wedding day documentary approach – allowing a couple to enjoya fun afternoon or evening together.  It also allows for a opportunity to become accustomed to the camera before the wedding day.  Kim, Chris, and I had a fun weekend session walking around Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall and a few surrounding areas.  We enjoyed the architecture and obtaining a few portraits throughout the shoot.  We stopped to get a drink of water at a fountain on the mall and I noticed a wonderful strip of light as the sun started to lower itself through the buildings.   I dropped down to photograph Kim’s shoes and the shadow.  One assignment I give my students when I teach photography is to find a color image that is almost monochrome in nature.  This is an example of such a photograph – with a subtle blue back-lit by the sun…..a perfect image for our blog this week.  The second image is the full body approach at the same location.