Greenbrier weddings and your photographer
Hayden and Brandon enjoy a stroll with their Greenbrier wedding photographer immediately following the ceremony

Are you dreaming of a stunning wedding surrounded by opulence and charm? My wife and I were married at the Greenbrier and loved spending time with our family within this historic property.

With its timeless beauty, impeccable service, and breathtaking scenery, the Greenbrier stands as a testament to the perfect union of elegance and romance.

Let’s explore what makes the Greenbrier a great wedding facility, discover the stunning photography locations it offers, and gather some delightful ideas for your Greenbrier wedding.

A bride enjoys a moment outside of The Greenbrier wedding chapel with her photographer.

What makes the Greenbrier a great wedding facility?

At the Greenbrier, every detail is meticulously curated to create an unforgettable wedding experience. When we arrived, we felt nostalgic and at the same time blessed with the modern conveniences seen within the world’s finest resorts.  The Greenbrier boasts a rich history dating back over two centuries, and its timeless architecture and lush gardens provide a regal backdrop for your special day.

The dedicated wedding planners at the Greenbrier are experts at turning your dreams into reality. Laura has been so wonderful to work with as she is organized, poised, and intuitive. I could not ask for a better person to work with. Every Greenbrier client is a celebrity on their wedding day and they are treated accordingly.

Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, the Greenbrier offers a range of elegant venues to suit your preferences.

From lavish ballrooms adorned with crystal chandeliers to enchanting outdoor spaces, there is a perfect setting for every couple’s love story.

The Greenbrier also takes pride in its world-class culinary offerings. With award-winning chefs and a commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, your wedding feast will be a tantalizing culinary journey. From delectable hors d’oeuvres to exquisite multi-course meals, the Greenbrier’s culinary team ensures that every bite is a masterpiece.

What locations at the Greenbrier are great for photography?

For couples seeking breathtaking photography locations, the Greenbrier is a treasure trove of possibilities.

Let your love story unfold against the stunning backdrop of the Allegheny Mountains and the resort’s meticulously manicured gardens.

Here are some of the most picturesque spots for capturing those cherished moments: The Springhouse: This enchanting gazebo, adorned with vibrant flowers and surrounded by lush greenery, offers a whimsical setting for romantic portraits.

Howard’s Creek Lodge: I LOVE this location for rehearsals and smaller, intimate ceremonies. It’s creekside and simply one of the most relaxing locations you can find. Perfect for an outdoor fire and cocktail hour and a rustic, but elegant cabin for a dinner. Here are a few images during a wedding rehearsal at The Greenbrier and Howard’s Creek.

Howard's Creek Lodge at The Greenbrier at dusk just before a wedding.
A bride and groom embrace during their wedding rehearsal at Howard's Creek Lodge at The Greenbrier.

The Infinity Pool: Overlooking the mountains, the infinity pool provides a stunning vantage point for capturing breathtaking shots. Imagine the two of you basking in love as the sun sets behind the rolling hills.

The North Parlor: With its elegant decor and exquisite natural light, the North Parlor serves as an ideal indoor location for intimate and romantic portraits.

The Virginia Lawn: This expansive lawn, framed by towering trees and vibrant blooms, offers a picturesque backdrop for group photos and candid shots of your wedding party.

The Crystal Room: Boasting intricate crystal chandeliers and opulent details, the Crystal Room exudes timeless elegance, creating a magical setting for capturing those first dance moments.

The Cameo Ballroom: We enjoyed our personal wedding reception in the stunning, brightly colored room. It’s the perfect size for a gathering of 125 guests.

The Cameo Ballroom at The Greenbrier just before a wedding reception.
The Cameo Ballroom at the Greenbrier is decorated with flowers from Gillespie's just before the bride and groom enter their wedding reception.

What are some great ideas for Greenbrier weddings?

A Greenbrier wedding provides endless opportunities for personalization and creativity.

Here are some fantastic ideas to infuse your special day with charm and uniqueness: Outdoor Garden Ceremony: Exchange vows in the enchanting Kate’s Mountain Garden, where blooming flowers and the sweet scent of nature surround you.

Vintage-inspired Elegance: Embrace the Greenbrier’s rich history by incorporating vintage elements into your wedding decor, such as antique china, lace details, and classic carriages.

Whimsical Photo Booth: Set up a charming photo booth adorned with props that reflect your personalities and the theme of your wedding.

Encourage your guests to capture joyful moments and create lasting memories.

Gourmet Food Stations: Delight your guests with interactive gourmet food stations, where they can savor delectable dishes tailored to their preferences.

From live cooking stations to personalized dessert bars, culinary creativity knows no bounds at the Greenbrier.

Fireworks Extravaganza: End your magical day with a bang!

Arrange a spectacular fireworks display to illuminate the night sky and create an unforgettable finale for your celebration.

As you embark on this extraordinary journey of love and commitment, the Greenbrier stands ready to bring your wedding dreams to life.

From the regal architecture to the stunning photography locations and the endless creative possibilities, the Greenbrier offers an unrivaled wedding experience.

Cherish every moment and allow the Greenbrier to weave its timeless magic, creating memories that will be etched in your hearts forever.