four moments – Brian’s first look at Kim


First looks are always great, regardless of when they happen.  Kim and Brian elected not to see each other before Kim walked down the isle at The Homestead.  As most of you know, I normally include a “one moment” post but wanted to include four images on this particular blog entry to showcase Brian’s numerous reactions. Seeing your bride for the first time in her wedding dress is such an emotional experience and Brian certainly didn’t disappoint – such a wonderful time for a photographer as I never tire of capturing these sequences.  They are all different and special.  Homestead weddings are some of my favorites due to the historical nature of the venue, my own families personal experiences dating back far before my time, and the easy going, but efficient nature of the venue.

My family spent many vacations at The Homestead from the 1950s onward, as we spent many of our Easter weekends with my grandparents and extended family.  It’s a special place for me each and every time I have the opportunity to document a wedding at this fabulous venue.  I would like to take the time to thank Tricia Fry for being a pleasure to work with each and every time we document weddings at The Homestead.  She is leaving the venue at the end of December and has been a wonderful colleague and friend within the industry.  She will certainly be missed.

More images to come!