One moment – with the ringbearer



A wedding day in the hot summer sun can be tough when you are a ringbearer wearing a nice piece of formal attire.  As a wedding ceremony progresses, it can be a wonderful time to search for details and reactions.  I have always enjoyed photographing children at weddings simply because they are not adults and don’t always hold themselves at one hundred percent attention during a ceremony, especially during a sermon.  After photographing the minister once or twice, I always turn my attention on the attendees and guests watching and listening.  Moving inconspicuously around the front can yield to so many outstanding moments and expressions.  This photograph is composed in a

One moment – with Nancy’s father

The moment between a groom and his soon to be father-in-law giving away his daughter makes for a heartfelt and wonderful moment.  Nancy and Steve’s wedding at The Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club in Virginia Beach provided one of those priceless photographic gifts.  When I view this image, I can feel the relationship these two men have with each other.  This moment is a show of sincere thanks, respect, and