Walter Iooss – The Festival of the Photograph – The Paramount Theater

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-2

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-3

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-4

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-5

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-6

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-7

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-8

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-9

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-10

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-11

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-12

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-13

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-14

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-15

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-16

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-17

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-18

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-19

20150612 Walter Iooss - Paramount-20

I hope you enjoy these images from Walter Iooss’ talk at The Paramount Theater for the Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville.

I’d like to start this post by saying the Walter Iooss was probably my first influence in photography.  As a young man, I had the extreme fortune to photograph Major League Baseball, World Championship Wrestling, NBA games, and college athletic events.  I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.  It allowed me into a world I would never be a part of…..I certainly tell myself the professional scouts didn’t notice my illustrious career as a college intramural flag football player, softball champion, and basketball sixth man of the year – THAT’S why I didn’t make it as a professional athlete.  Seriously, I loved sports and still do.  I subscribed to Sports Illustrated in 1983 and still

UVA Keeps Winning – and we like it!

Tony Bennett - Hornets Calendar 1995 - blog

Tony Bennett pictured on the 1995 Charlotte Hornets calendar

Enough is enough. I’m starting to see a few articles suggesting the University of Virginia basketball team is bad for the game…..that they are boring.  WHAT?!?!?  I have read they are being compared to “the guy at your dinner party who won’t shut up about his jet ski” by “USA Today” writer, Nate Scott.  People love to hate success in America.  I’ve seen it time and time again and I find it very interesting.  I get it – jealousy strikes.  Combining that with a blog post and a little bit of social networking, you have a scenario for shamefully scripted silliness from our sports stenographers.  There is so much to be learned from successful people and you inadvertently herd people towards mediocrity by encouraging them to shy away from watching and enjoying accomplishment.  UVA basketball is achieving outstanding results in a tough conference, and we should