One moment – pit stop

There are times when you are documenting a wedding day that you know exactly what you are going to blog before you press the shutter release on your camera.  Amanda, the bridesmaids, and parents were riding in our limo from Keswick Hall to the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond, Virginia when her nephew quickly spoke up.  He had to go…!  At this point, I knew we were in for a great photograph.

The one hour trip

Boar’s Head Inn wedding – wedding announcement in Richmond Times Dispatch

You may recognize Carleen and Les from their Boar’s Head Inn wedding and a previous blog post.  Carleen and Les’ portrait at the Rotunda on the grounds of the University of Virginia and their wedding announcement appeared in the Richmond Times Dispatch.  A screen shot from the online version is below:


One moment – with the mother of the groom

In the previous post I talked about finding a unique photograph in a situation revisted by a photographer in our industry on a weekly basis.  I document weddings for a living, so one might presume that I see a groom dance with his mother on a regular basis……you would be correct if that was your assumption.  Bryan and Meg’s wedding in the lovely Adirondacks of New York had just such a moment.  Bryan and his mother