one moment – in between family photographs

If I can give anyone a simple piece of photography advice it would be to keep the camera ready for the moments between what you are getting ready to photograph.  The true aspect of storytelling with a camera requires one to have the lens ready at all times.  The image above was taken at Anne Lindsay and Robbie’s engagement party as we were preparing for a few quick family photos.  Someone mentioned something funny and the image above was the result.

one moment – at The Greenbrier in the Cameo Ballroom

The Cameo Ballroom is one of the many stunning rooms at The Greenbrier resort.  It’s classy, stunning, and in the center of the room, one will most certainly notice the colossal presence of a nine foot chandelier made of Czechoslovakian crystal.  The day was perfect for a quick twirl in ballrooms late afternoon window light.

One moment – Meg and Bryan

A silhouette can be an interesting addition to a photo session. In this case, I decided to post an image from Meg and Bryan’s engagement session this past weekend. I love the moment, the color, and the moon in the background.


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