Craig Kompelien Photographs

one moment – with a bow tie

Everyone knows how much work a bride goes through to make sure that every last hair is in place, the makeup is immaculate, and the dress fits like a glove.  On the wedding day, the bride is the standout.  She’s the most beautiful woman in the room; and she should be.  All eyes are Continue reading

one moment – with a simple note

This image is a very special one for me.  I love kids, and I always have.  It is especially fun for me to watch children interact both with each other and adults at weddings, which are abnormally formal events for youngsters.

This photograph was taken Continue reading

one moment – with kids and holy water

I love the fact that kids will be kids, regardless of their surroundings.  This image is a prime example.  Even though these two young boys are wearing tuxes in a cathedral surrounded by flowers, stained glass, and women in beautiful dresses, the temptation Continue reading

one moment – with the ring

If you have looked through my gallery, then you have noticed mini-theme of grooms and their rings.  It is always a joy to see grooms on their wedding day grow accustomed to their newest piece of jewelry.  The bride has obviously grown accustomed Continue reading

Trump Winery weddings – Feature on the Charlottesville Area Weddings Blog

A big thank you to Claire for picking up Brittany and Kevin’s wedding for the Charlottesville Area Weddings Blog.  Their wedding was the last at Kluge Vineyards (now Trump Winery) and was a special evening for both Craig and me.  To view and read the entire post, click on the following link: Rob Garland Photographers feature


Trump winery weddings bring their own southern charm with no shortage of splendor and taste that goes with the Trump brand.  This is one of my favorite venues to photograph with its unmistakable beauty.