Caroline + Eric wedding at Mount Ida

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It is such a treat to continue working with a family throughout their lives. When Caroline and Eric asked me to photograph their wedding this year, it meant that I had the honor of working with the Allen family again, as I had photographed her sister’s wedding as well. Mount Ida provided the stunning location for the outdoor ceremony and a beautiful reception at the lodge. This beautiful day was sandwiched in between two days of rain and was a joy for all in attendance.

Eric is a senior construction manager with Main Street Homes in Richmond. He’s been with the company for 8 years. He graduated from VCU with a Business Administration degree.

Caroline is a design consultant with Closet Factory and graduated from Radford University. She has a background in event/wedding planning, and has worked at a few venues in the RVA/Cville area including the Dominion Club, Pippin Hill and Veritas Winery.

Quotes from the bride and groom:

“Eric and I met through one of my college best friends, Chelsea (she is a bridesmaid). We came from what seemed like 2 different worlds. I was living in the city of Richmond, and he was living in a rural area 30 minutes outside of Richmond. When we met we were at 2 different points in life and had very different interests. And yet, we grew to know and love each other to the point where sometimes I swear he can read my mind. 

Eric is a social butterfly. We call him the “Mayor of Richmond”. No matter where we go Eric always runs into someone he knows. He’s a good ol country boy with a big heart. He enjoys hunting, golfing, and playing video games.”

Caroline is a traveler and loves to visit places she’s never been. She likes trying new restaurants and doesn’t shy away from trying new foods (i.e. wild game). Caroline is the glue to our family, and the one who keeps our family organized always. She enjoys listening to her daily dose of pop culture and true crime podcasts. She loves to snuggle up on the couch with a “Caroline Pour” of red wine and watch Friends or Sex & the City.”

We have 2 beautiful labs, Gunner and Lucy. We live on Eric’s family farm in Mechanicsville. We love vacationing at the beach, taking the boat out for a cruise, going on “surprise date nights”, and always looking for a new show to binge.

Eric proposed in front of our closest family members at our house during Memorial Day weekend. I thought we were having people over for a cookout. After he proposed, we drove over to the farm “to take pictures”. We drove up to many more family members and friends cheering us on from the front porch of the farmhouse.

Wedding photography of bridesmaid dresses and flowers just before getting ready at Mount Ida Lodge near Charlottesville, Virginia.
Caroline in her wedding dress preparing for her wedding ceremony at the Mount Ida lodge near Charlottesville, Virginia.
Caroline's custom wedding hanger placed carefully at Mount Ida lodge near Charlottesville, Virginia.
A beautiful outdoor Charlottesville wedding at Mount Ida.
A baby takes in one of many Mount Ida weddings to watch Caroline and Eric
Caroline and her father process during one of many Mount Ida weddings near Charlottesville, Virginia.
Once he sees his bride, the groom, Eric, is moved to tears during his outdoor Mount Ida wedding near Charlottesville, Virginia.
Outdoors at Mount Ida, the bride, Caroline, receives a kiss from her father at the beginning of this wedding ceremony near Charlottesville, Virginia.
Caroline and Eric get married during their wedding at Mount Ida near Charlottesville, Virginia.  The bride enjoyed a beautiful spring day.
A moment of prayer for the bride and groom at one of the premier wedding venues near Charlottesville, Virginia, Mount Ida.
Caroline looks at her celebrant during her wedding ceremony at Mount Ida, one of Charlottesville, Virginia's premier wedding venues.
The kiss during Caroline and Eric's wedding ceremony at Charlottesville's Mount Ida.
The final moments of Caroline and Eric's wedding ceremony at Charlottesville, Virginia's Mount Ida, near Scottsville.
I recommend a last dance with only the bride and groom at the end of your Mount Ida wedding reception.
A celebratory moment following the Mount Ida wedding reception for Caroline and Eric.
A final exit with the bride and groom after the wedding reception at Mount Ida.