The Dalai Lama’s visit

I was asked to follow the Dalai Lama around for approximately 3 1/2 hours during his visit to Charlottesville last week and ended up with a few images on the Dalai Lama’s worldwide website as well as the chance to meet him after lunch.

The Dalai Lama


Our neighborhood dog party

The last day our pool is open, all neighborhood dogs are allowed into the gates for a party unlike any other summer festivity.  Here are a few photographs of our dog Hampton and a few of his friends.

Hampton’s first swim.

A little panic

My wife’s hand – just in case.  🙂

I think someone wants both toys.

Lickin’ off a little excess……

a view from above


watching the tail

This kid has some “ups.”


Baxter’s first (and only) swim.  🙂

one moment – with Cynthia and Dan at The Clifton Inn

In the middle of the wedding ceremony at The Clifton Inn, this image presented itself.  It is a wedding detail……and it is different.  It was first presented to the audience of guests and you can tell by Dan’s smile that he knows what it says and Cynthia is not quite sure what the long piece of paper contains.

one moment – at the reception

Today is a day where I will take the time to tell everyone how much I love documenting people because of simple moments like this.  I was walking around the reception documenting with available light, no flash.  Though we use strobes, remotes, and everything else under the sun in certain situations, ambient light

one moment – with William

Looking for interesting composition and lighting is the enjoyable part of photography for almost any professional.  There are many types: back lighting, side lighting, front lighting, low light, and dramatic light.  When documenting Damali and William’s wedding day

two moments – Kim and Mike

I would like to thank our many blog followers for being patient.  It has been a busy summer and we have quite a few blog posts coming in the near future – I certainly need to play catch up on our posts.

We often document rehearsals and I love the ability to walk around and get close.  The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond, Virginia is a beautiful