One moment – Alexandra and Tom



We frequently travel to document weddings and have had the opportunity to document weddings out of the country and throughout the eastern half of the United States.  Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, it is not every day that I get a request to document a wedding in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan – much less a January wedding in the historic suburb

moments by the pool – Trish and Tifton – at The Homestead

Normally in my “one moment” posts, I like to show moments that make each wedding unique – however, I’m going to go away from the norm and simply explain that being next to an ice skating rink and a pool with temperatures hovering at 15 degrees gave us a wonderful environment to photograph…I love the steam.  I can’t tell you how cold I ended up with no coat and my hands carrying metal….it was worth every second!









Friday night with a 50 – a challenging approach to sports photography

I teach a few Photography classes each semester and decided to assign myself a theme that would take me out of my normal realm.  I decided to only bring my 50mm lens to document a football game – no telephoto lens and no wide lens.  I promise – left them all at home.  Needless to say, it was a challenge – but one that I wanted to tackle.  Limiting yourself with equipment allows you to explore a different style and many options.  This photograph was taken at the end of the game just after the opposing team tried to mount a last minute comeback to tie the score.  It was my favorite image of the evening because it representing everything a high school football player plays for – and then it abruptly comes to an end.  There are also many elements to this photograph that I like.  I love that the coach and referees in the background do not intersect each other – the player is alone – the player’s back doesn’t intersect the horizon line – it’s raining, which adds to the mood – it’s shot with all available light – no flash – it shows how close he was – the 10 yard line.



“Season’s End”

Moments – Jen and her father

We had a wonderful time documenting Jen and Kent’s wedding at Veritas this fall – this is a sneak peak Jen’s father, Sean, seeing her for the first time.  Enjoy!