one moment – at the reception

Today is a day where I will take the time to tell everyone how much I love documenting people because of simple moments like this.  I was walking around the reception documenting with available light, no flash.  Though we use strobes, remotes, and everything else under the sun in certain situations, ambient light photography is my favorite approach because it is so unobtrusive and it doesn’t draw attention to the photographer…..something that can absolutely ruin the moment.  It’s also natural – it presents the scene the way it was, and I like that…..a lot.

This couple was having a moment to themselves and I was drawn in by this warm, sincere, heartfelt smile as well as the face of the groom.  Both sets of eyes are closed as they are both “in the moment”……a camera flash would have interrupted this.  I quite simply walked by with my 85mm f/1.2 lens, snapped a photograph, and moved on……no interruption… “look here and smile”…..a wonderful moment.


Reception: Hotel Tabard Inn, Georgetown


Rob Garland is the owner of Rob Garland Photographers, a company which specializes in photojournalism and fine art printing. Rob prides himself on a classic, intuitive, heartfelt documentation with the utmost in visual integrity. He has documented many destination weddings throughout the U.S. and abroad as well as Charlottesville weddings at many of our outstanding local venues. He continues to document Greenbrier weddings and prepares his team with an unobtrusive, classy approach to each wedding, allowing for a photographic approach that will provide enjoyment for years to come.  Rob loves imagery that fails to go in and out of style and personal touches that make each wedding unique.