Keswick Hall Weddings

one moment – with Jennifer at Keswick Hall



Enjoyed working with Jennifer and Anders last night at Keswick Hall.  The sun was setting after a heavy rain in the morning and it made for a nice reflection showing the start of the evening.

one moment – with a simple note

This image is a very special one for me.  I love kids, and I always have.  It is especially fun for me to watch children interact both with each other and adults at weddings, which are abnormally formal events for youngsters.

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One moment – a groom’s dance with his mother


This image is what I like to call a detail shot of a mother and son dance.  It has no faces, and doesn’t need to.  The photograph is quite simple but I chose this because it has a sense of feeling to it.  I love the background texture of Keswick Hall with the tight embrace of the arms and hands and the subtle back lighting.

Amanda’s bridal portrait

Amanda elected to photograph her portrait in her parent’s Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home in Chesterfield, Virginia.  It was an outstanding session with one of my favorite images coming from above, showcasing the lovely design of their home and Amanda’s contagious smile.  This 11×14 print matted to a 16×20 frame was displayed in Keswick Hall throughout the wedding weekend.


One moment – pit stop

There are times when you are documenting a wedding day that you know exactly what you are going to blog before you press the shutter release on your camera.  Amanda, the bridesmaids, and parents were riding in our limo from Keswick Hall to the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond, Virginia when her nephew quickly spoke up.  He had to go…!  At this point, I knew we were in for a great photograph.

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One moment – at Keswick Hall


Sometimes you just love what is right in front of you!  I walked down the isle during this wedding at Keswick Hall, simply to get a closer vantage point.  I was rewarded with such a touching and tender moment!  Thank you to Jenny and Ryan for such a wonderful evening.

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