Greenbrier Weddings

one moment – A Wedding at The Greenbrier

I absolutely love this photo-journalistic portrait that was taken just before Dawn processed down the aisle for her wedding at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs.  I was changing positions and noticed that she and her father were in beautiful lighting next to the door, both in tears. They are wrapped up in the moment.  To me, this is simply beautiful.  I love that she is seemingly unaware of the camera and he is unaffected by my presence.  Greenbrier weddings are simply stunning, as there is such a beautiful backdrop everywhere you turn.

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one moment – the departure

There is one reason why I prefer available light photography and you can see it all over this image.  It can be difficult, even with the widest apertures and fast autofocus cameras, all of which we constantly keep as a part of our wedding gear.  The reward for being patient and watching for subjects to turn towards the light certainly pays off.  This image Continue reading