Rob Garland photographs

These photographs have been captured personally by Rob Garland.

A Rainbow in Lake Reynovia

Lake Reynovia Rainbow - 2014-07-08
This rainbow showed itself in Lake Reynovia this evening – I certainly enjoyed lying in this warm puddle of water to get this shot.

one moment – portraits within journalism

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When I am in journalist mode (which I must admit, is quite frequent), having the subjects unaware of the camera is primarily what I am after.  It allows the story to be untouched by the photographer – and in my humble opinion, that result is Continue reading

one moment – remembering those that cannot be with us


I really love this photograph and is one of my favorite documentary images from this wedding.  During a ceremony, people often pause and take time to remember “those that cannot be with us.”  I was crouched low near the bride’s side.  When that moment came, I heard this long, deep sigh right behind me.  The grandfather of the bride was being comforted by the bride’s brother.  I turned.  One shot.  One moment.

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