two moments – Kim and Mike

I would like to thank our many blog followers for being patient.  It has been a busy summer and we have quite a few blog posts coming in the near future – I certainly need to play catch up on our posts.

We often document rehearsals and I love the ability to walk around and get close.  The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond, Virginia is a beautiful Continue reading

one moment – with a simple note

This image is a very special one for me.  I love kids, and I always have.  It is especially fun for me to watch children interact both with each other and adults at weddings, which are abnormally formal events for youngsters.

This photograph was taken Continue reading

one moment – with kids and holy water

I love the fact that kids will be kids, regardless of their surroundings.  This image is a prime example.  Even though these two young boys are wearing tuxes in a cathedral surrounded by flowers, stained glass, and women in beautiful dresses, the temptation Continue reading

One moment – a look

Capturing people.  I’m not sure how to say more, but it is the feeling and emotions I want to bring back to a bride and groom when they view their images.  I was keeping my eye on these two throughout the ceremony and Continue reading

One moment – coloring in the pews

Keeping an eye on the pews in a wedding is not only important, it’s essential.  This moment of a young wedding guest entertaining himself is one of the many reasons a photographer should stay focused on everything at a wedding.  This is a typical moment that the bride and groom would never see unless we captured it.  Kids are wonderful subjects because nothing is off limits to them and they “do what they do.”