Our neighborhood dog party

The last day our pool is open, all neighborhood dogs are allowed into the gates for a party unlike any other summer festivity.  Here are a few photographs of our dog Hampton and a few of his friends.

Hampton’s first swim.

A little panic

My wife’s hand – just in case.  :)

I think someone wants both toys.

Lickin’ off a little excess……

a view from above


watching the tail

This kid has some “ups.”


Baxter’s first (and only) swim.  :)

one moment – with a dress and a dog

I was photographing a tighter detail shot of Monica’s dress while she was walking……out of the corner of my eye, I saw our furry friend pop into the frame, depressed the shutter release, and this image was the result.

one moment – simplicity

This photograph is one of a few I will show that involved Monica’s dog.  I love the details in this image – the dresses, the holding of hands, the wagging of the dog tail – it says so much with simplicity!

one moment – George and his expecting parents

My friends, Wendy and Bryan, asked if I would come over and photograph them just days before Wendy’s due date.  We had a wonderful afternoon with temperatures in the 70s!  I decided to take a portrait of their dog, George, with his expecting parents in the background.  George has requested a 16×20 framed print above his dog house.

a moment – with the Fuji x100


I’m not one to review gear on my website too often – however that might change in the near future as we are starting to cycle in some new equipment over the next few months and many people ask us about what we shoot with and why we choose certain cameras and/or lenses.  I am going to start with something I don’t use on wedding sessions, but I absolutely love from a personal standpoint.  The Fuji-X100 is a compact camera that has a fixed 35mm (full frame equivalent) f/2 lens.  It’s not a zoom and it doesn’t Continue reading

one moment – in a vest


While eating dinner with friends, we noticed a vest moving from across the room – now you know the reason.

one moment – Greyson and Georgia


Our good friends, Leta and Kyle, were just blessed with their first child, Greyson……..well, it’s actually their second child if you count their chocolate lab, Georgia.  Here, Greyson and Georgia have a little bit of “get to know ya” time in their parents living room.