one moment – with Emmerson and a candle

Moments happen.  They are not always expected and it gives us many photographic opportunities and certainly something to look back on and smile.  I’m not sure I need to explain what is happening here, but I will.  Emmerson, the daughter of the groom, was lighting her side of the unity candle and, as you can imagine, there was a little difficulty getting a flame.  The expressions on both Continue reading

Ben Hair Swim For Life on USA Swimming website

On April 22, Gordon Hair, a longtime friend of our family, coordinated an event that took place at Smith Aquatic and Fitness Center.  The Benjamin Hair Swim for Life Foundation had it’s kickoff event featuring Sabir Muhammad, the most decorated African American Swimmer in U.S. History.  He gave a motivational talk to kids from The Charlottesville Greenbrier Elementary Afterschool Program and coordinated an swim lesson for all of them.  To view more about the event, click on NBC 29s link to the event: NBC 29 – Benjamin Hair Just Swim for Life kickoff event.  The foundation hopes to give out over 500 scholarships for swim lessons this year and it’s goal is to teach 10,000 throughout central Virginia.

I would like to thank the foundation for allowing me to be a part of the day.  As a former youth and high school swimmer, it was a treat to see Sabir Muhammad, watch him instruct, and document the morning.