one moment – with Jennifer at Keswick Hall



Enjoyed working with Jennifer and Anders last night at Keswick Hall.  The sun was setting after a heavy rain in the morning and it made for a nice reflection showing the start of the evening.

moments by the pool – Trish and Tifton – at The Homestead

Normally in my “one moment” posts, I like to show moments that make each wedding unique – however, I’m going to go away from the norm and simply explain that being next to an ice skating rink and a pool with temperatures hovering at 15 degrees gave us a wonderful environment to photograph…I love the steam.  I can’t tell you how cold I ended up with no coat and my hands carrying metal….it was worth every second!









one moment – with Cynthia and Dan at The Clifton Inn

In the middle of the wedding ceremony at The Clifton Inn, this image presented itself.  It is a wedding detail……and it is different.  It was first presented to the audience of guests and you can tell by Dan’s smile that he knows what it says and Cynthia is not quite sure what the long piece of paper contains.

one moment – the departure

There is one reason why I prefer available light photography and you can see it all over this image.  It can be difficult, even with the widest apertures and fast autofocus cameras, all of which we constantly keep as a part of our wedding gear.  The reward for being patient and watching for subjects to turn towards the light certainly pays off.  This image Continue reading