Ash Lawn weddings

one moment – with Sandra and Mike


OK.  Maybe two moments.  Sandra and Mike elected to see each other before their wedding and being avid cyclists, they wanted to incorporate that into their first glance.  Mike elected to ride his bycicle from Charlottesville to Ash Lawn on the day of the wedding and Sandra was waiting when he rode up the long Ash Lawn entrance.

One moment – the walk before the processional

This image shows Jen and her father walking down the isle at Ash Lawn before her wedding with all of the bridesmaids behind her framed within the bushes at Ash Lawn Highland, home of President James Monroe.

One moment – with a little one

The image that I chose for our post today is the child of the bride’s sister.  This little guy made it all the way from San Francisco and was dressed for his part!  He made our “one moment” feature thanks to this priceless look he gave his father before they found seats at the ceremony.

An Ash Lawn wedding

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One moment – mother and son

I absolutely love moments like this.  There is nothing like the thrill of being a photographer and knowing you have captured such a meaningful image.  I can remember knowing that I had this split second of time captured as soon as I pressed the shutter release on my camera.  I have always taken a photojournalistic approach to my wedding photography, showing what happened, not Continue reading